Vacuum Ovens

Vacuum ovens are used primarily for the removal of moisture from transfer items prior to entry into the glove box environment. However they may also be used for material curing during or after the process operation.

Glove Box Technology Limited design and manufacture High Performance Pass-through Antechamber Vacuum/Nitrogen Ovens for glove boxes. Based upon our standard antechamber design, two models are available.

A general-purpose oven operating between the temperature ranges of ambient to 200ºC, and a high temperature model designed to operate up to 600ºC.

The double door antechamber allows for the transfer material to be heated, evacuated and gas purged prior to entry into the glove box for processing, or similarly heat-treated during or after processing in the glove box prior to removal.

The vacuum ovens are equipped with programmable temperature controllers, which can sequentially initiate rate of temperature rise, hold temperature, evacuation levels, gas purge, and cooling to a timed programme.

Designed for rugged use, the radiant heaters are internally mounted with stainless steel reflectors, and all electrical connections are external to the antechamber. Thermal control is maintained by use of insulating blanket and water-cooled double walled chamber.

Various pumping designs are available for applications that require specific vacuum treatment. Internal trays and slides are available for purpose-designed systems.

Where there is a production requirement, which identifies a hold up in the oven due to temperature, evacuation or cooling times, we offer a solution by design of our docking facility using multiple mobile oven units.

Vacuum ovens are built to order providing opportunity to vary the design to your specific requirements.


Vacuum Ovens


Vacuum Ovens


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