Vacuum Chamber Glove Boxes

Vacuum chamber glove boxes are designed to enable a loaded glove box to be evacuated, to effect an environmental change from air to inert gas rapidly and efficiently, and have the added advantage of out-gassing the containment and loaded contents in the process.

This type of glove box is usually specified where there is a need to frequently transfer large process item, typically welded components.

The glove box chamber is a large cylindrical chamber with domed ends, (one of which acts as a hinged door fitted with seal and closure latches) the glove ports are equipped with external hinged cover plates and together with the window, are designed to withstand the applied vacuum.

Due to the volume and frequency of evacuation, the evacuation equipment normally consists of a booster pump and vacuum pump combination.

For versatile operation with smaller components, a double door antechamber is usually attached to the main chamber.

Vacuum chamber can be designed and manufactured from about 90 cm in diameter, which accommodates both gloves and window comfortably, up to 200 cm diameter but with reduced physical access.

Full gas management and monitoring facilities can be supplied.

As these systems involve considerably more engineering, they are custom designed and require a thorough understanding of the application and process operation.

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