Glove Box Upgrade

Existing glove boxes may not provide all the facilities required to perform a revised process and therefore an equipment upgrade to the glove box becomes necessary.

Glove Box Technology Limited offers a system review service, and subject to feasibility, can provide an on-site or off-site upgrade for your glove box.

Features such as gas purifiers can be added to gas purge systems.
Freezers can be added to a glove box.
Antechambers may require enlargement.
Carbon trap may be needed for the removal of contaminants.
HEPA or ULPA filters may be added for the removal of particulate from the gas.
Gas cooling can be added to reduce glove box ambient gas temperature where a heat source has been added making working conditions uncomfortable.
Cyclone removal of unwanted large particulate can be added.
Oxygen indication can be installed.
Moisture indication can be installed.
Feedthrough's may be added ie Power, high voltage, high current, vacuum, gas, BNC, Thermocouple, liquid nitrogen, etc.
Static elimination can be installed.
Vacuum cleaning systems can be installed.
Windows can be replaced with modified glove ports and positions.
Windows can be changed to glass, UV amber acrylic, anti-static, etc.


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