Under the Health & Safety Act it is incumbent upon the employer to ensure employees receive adequate training in the operational use of glove boxes.

Glove Box Technology Limited has a structured presentation, which can be carried out on site, covering the essential areas of operation and maintenance of glove boxes in general. The subject matter provides glove box users with a knowledge of the design and working of a glove box, how to recognise potential problems and the action to take when confronted by a suspect or fault condition.

In addition, training content provides maintenance personnel with relevant information needed to maintain a glove box system in a safe and operational condition. The maintenance tuition has particular emphasis placed on Health & Safety.

Formal training by an outside body of professional glove box designers removes any doubt on qualifications and ability in meeting the requirements under the Health & Safety Act.

The glove box training provides users and maintenance personnel with confidence and peace of mind, and provides line managers with the satisfaction their responsibility under the law has been carried out.




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