Thin Film Deposition

Substrates need to be protected from contamination at all times, and this contamination can include oxygen as well as moisture and particulates. Integrating a vacuum coating system into a glove box will provide an optimum environment within which to carry out manual handling and processing of substrates.

Spin coaters requiring controlled environmental conditions can also be added to the a glove box or separated into another glove box, joined with a front-loading antechamber for transfer operations.

A glove box creates a mini-environment that can be controlled to varying degrees of purity. Gas systems can be open loop with total loss, or circulated through gas purifiers in a closed loop. The integration of particulate filters, either HEPA or ULPA standard will reduce particle contamination and this can be further enhanced, by adding laminar flow conditions.

Solvents or other introduced chemicals can be eliminated or reduced to trace levels by the inclusion of an activated carbon trap, or cryogenic trap in the circulated gas.

Glove Box Technology Limited has worked with a number of specialist Coating System manufacturers in the integration of their products into our glove box design. We also have access to re-conditioned systems, or customers can source and supply from their own stock and free issue a coating system for integration.

We have a trade relationship with a spin coater company, which produces an "industry standard" unit. However we will readily accept a customers free issue preference in spin coater, and integrate the model into the design.

With our range of design features and facility components, glove boxes can be customised to suit individual site conditions, specified process equipment and work flow patterns.


Thin Film Deposition


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