Stand Alone Gas Purifiers

Glove Box Technology Ltd design stand-alone gas purification systems for closed loop integration into a glove box. Their unique design provides for the total management of glove box gas purification, glove box pressure control and antechamber conditioning.

The stand-alone gas purifier is supplied with a remote control unit connected by a length of cable. This arrangement allows for the gas purifier and control unit to be sited anywhere in the proximity of the glove box. This might be under the glove box between the support frame, under the bench for bench mounted glove boxes, or sited remotely in another part of the laboratory, even in another room making it ideal for clean rooms.

The recirculating gas lines are flexible stainless steel vacuum hoses simply connected to the unit by a seal ring and clamp and similarly connected to the glove box with our supplied adaptors, which only requires a hole in the glove box. System gas and regeneration gas are equally simple, with supplied reinforced hoses needing only to be connected to their respective pressure regulators. Even your glove box antechamber can be hooked up to the unit with the provided vacuum connection.

The purifier remote control unit is attached to the glove box (or any other convenient position,), and the supplied cable with end plug is attached to the gas purifier unit.

The remote control unit is fitted with a touch screen, which provides display of essential glove box information in graphical colour. Four touch button keys guide the user logically through a main (full screen) menu and submenu of options and routine, providing complete control over the automatic system functions. User confidence is assured.

Removal of oxygen and/or moisture from inert gas is achieved by a unique high efficiency bypass fan system that produces high flow at relatively low pressure so avoiding the thermal effect of compressed gas, and consequently avoiding the need for a gas cooling system. The gas purifiers on all three models are fitted with electro-pneumatic isolation ball valves and dedicated end of travel limit switches to both open and closed positions ensuring safe operation of the fully automatic control system.

The antechamber is coupled similarly to the remote control in that a junction box is supplied with cable and end plug, which is attached to the gas purifier. The junction box forms the distribution point for supplied solenoid valves and digital pressure transducer, comprising a kit of parts with which to upgrade the antechamber. (Customers should ascertain from GBTL the suitability of their antechamber for conversion.)

Available in five distinct specifications our compact model SAGP-Micro™ is 70 cm wide x 50 cm deep x 86 cm high and has a single gas purifier.

Model SAGP-Maxi-1™ is a100 cm wide x 60 cm deep x 86 cm high unit and has a single gas purifier, and model SAGP-Maxi-2™ is physically the same size but with dual gas purifiers for service and stand-by duty.

SAGP-Vert-1™ is a 60cm wide x 60cm deep x 186cm high panel unit with built in colour touch screen control (also optionally remote) and single gas purifier. SAGP-Vert-2™ is physically the same but with dual gas purifiers for service and stand-by duty.

Supplied with installation, operating and maintenance manual.

Larger production size stand-alone gas purifiers are also available (see photograph below).

Our stand-alone units can be used with ANY make of high integrity glove box, so you can upgrade or modernise your existing glove box or acquire a used model.


Process scale Glove Box and Gas Conditioning Plant under works test





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