Glove Box Spares

Glove Box Technology Limited holds an inventory of the more common spares for glove boxes, including a stock of gauntlets in various sizes and materials.


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Order ref: Material Hand size Glove port size (")
    6 7 8 9 10 6 8 9 10 12
101-1-??-?? Latex
101-2-??-?? Neoprene
101-3-??-?? Neoprene/Butyl    
101-4-??-?? Neoprene/Hypalon    
101-5-??-?? Neoprene/Viton              
101-7-??-?? Hypalon    
101-8-??-?? Butyl    
    = available


To order gauntlets please refer to the Order reference guide above and complete your selection by inserting:

the hand size in the first -??- and the glove port size in the second -??-

Example:- Order reference 101-2-09-08 is for a Neoprene gauntlet hand size 9 to fit a glove port of 8 inch diameter.

Unless specifically requested all gauntlets are 0.6 mm nominal thickness (sometimes referred to as "standard" or "Medium") and ambidextrous hand.

Glove Material
If you are unsure about the material you require or the protection you need, contact us for advice.

Glove Sizing - Hand
To determine hand size, measure circumference of palm of hand in inches with a tape measure. Order to next whole size up e.g. if circumference of palm of hand is 8.5 inches, order hand size 9.

Glove Sizing - Port
To determine the port size, measure glove port across outside diameter. Order to next whole size down e.g. if outside diameter is 8.5 inches, order glove port size 8.

Other glove box system spares can be sourced upon request.




Please phone or email us if you have any questions, require further information or to request a quotation.


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