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Our R&D™ glove boxes are high specification "state of the art" systems that are designed for professional use in an advanced economy. In simple terms our R & D™ range of glove boxes are designed with PRODUCTIVITY ENHANCEMENT™ in mind.

And why ?


Your time is a commodity that is consumed in operating the glove box control systems and facilities, and any improvement that minimises that time will allow more time and focus on your core activity.

On an average day, a glove box user will save 10 minutes in every hour using an advances system design against a basic manual glove box designed on lowest price criteria. That is 1 hour 20 minutes in an 8 hour working day or 2 working months in a year.

The cost of that unproductive use of labour in one year, far exceeds the added expenditure of a PRODUCTIVITY ENHANCED system compared to a basic system. And after the first year of operation it is all gain. In other words the added cost of a higher specification glove box has a payback within one year.

But there is more. Operational efficiency is matched by the efficiency of glove box performance.

How ?

By making performance the goal of achievement, by making best design and most suitable component selection take precedence over price.

For those that would want to consider the commercial and technical advantages of our R&D™ glove box system, we are pleased to detail under Design our approach to a portfolio of technical glove box topics.

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R&D™ Glove Box Key Feature

The R&D™ glove box is specifically adaptable to facilities such as a freezer in the end wall or deposition system and spin coater in the floor area. This is due to the gas purifier, which can be positioned under the glove box between the support stand or remotely. This feature makes it a very adaptable glove box system particularly suited to customising and installation in a clean room.

For a quotation or budget price go to Request for Quotation and provide as much information as possible. Our design engineers will make contact to jointly compile an outline of requirements.

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