PureWeld™ Argon Systems

A glove box provides the means of creating the near perfect environment in which to fuse metals by replacement of air with an oxygen and moisture free inert gas atmosphere. Near perfect, because it is only in outer space where the added factor of zero gravity can be found.

The basic glove box and the creation of an argon atmosphere is in principle relatively easy to achieve, but an efficiently productive high quality process within a maintained gas environment requires a designed system with equipment and facilities to support the ongoing production.

Industrial advancement in micro-welding, rare metals and quality standards have increased the need to find solutions to meet these challenges, and advances in health awareness have focused the need for personal protection against potentially harmful by-products such as ozone, gaseous metallic vapour and micro-particulate. A glove box provides a means to solve many if not all of these challenges.

Glove Box Technology Ltd have been involved in the design and manufacture of welding chambers for over 20 years and have gained considerable experience in the provision of systems which meet the challenges presented by industrial advancement and ergonomics in the production process.

With a portfolio of designs to aid the weld process including antechambers, single closure doors, gas purifiers (closed loop and open loop), rapid gas purge systems, particulate filtration, transport and handling facilities, laminar gas flow, choice of glove ports, vacuum cleaning systems, vacuum ovens, quick release windows, manipulators, video microscope systems, and automation of process equipment, we have the technology to equip a weld chamber with a high level of production and quality aids.

We make to order PureWeld™ Chambers of any size and configuration in stainless steel or rigid and flexible polymers, providing the greatest opportunity of reaching a balance between technical requirements and budget restrictions. We also make to order Vacuum Chamber Glove Box systems; a process that assists in the out-gassing of larger weld component, and aids the restoration of an inert gas atmosphere after loading.

A PureWeld™ Chamber is design dedicated, and offers the best solution for the fusion of reactive materials under controlled and assured conditions, providing the possibilities of recorded environmental conditions, interlocked controls and verifiable quality control. Additional advantages are also gained through substantially increased product quality, improved industrial safety, and operational cost savings in post weld cleaning and treatment.

See Welding Reactive Metals for additional information.

Integrated custom designed PureWeld™ systems.

Glove Box Technology Ltd has working relationships with world-leading suppliers of low current welding systems. The latest microprocessor controlled power sources offer precision pulsed TIG and Micro Plasma solutions in conjunction with a range of welding lathes, turntables, orbital heads and other accessories aimed at total quality control of the weld joining process.

Working in close co-operation with our associates, we provide assurance your system supply is integrated to provide trouble free set-up and maximise your production and quality potential in a single customised workstation that will provide you with the most advanced welding system.


PureWeld™ Argon Systems


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