Polymer Glove Boxes

We offer a range of polymer materials to form the main enclosure of glove boxes, each providing a key advantage.

Acrylic glove boxes provide an economical material for general purpose processing and academic research, and offer uninterrupted viewing of process operations. However this material is fragile and prone to stress fracture and chemical attack.

Amber Acrylic, as above but available for UV shielding.

Polycarbonate glove boxes provide superb resistance to stress, have good resistance to a range of chemicals, and offer uninterrupted viewing. Polycarbonate offers high heat resistance (up to 125º C) and is flame resistant. The material is thermally stable in dimension, has high impact strength and high UV stability. Our mechanical jointing technique and proprietary flexible silicone adhesive provide an engineered product that has many possible applications.

Polypropylene glove boxes offer greater chemical resistance to corrosive chemicals, but windows must be provided in other materials (glass, PVC, polycarbonate, etc.).

PVC, Transparent Static-dissipative glove boxes help to eliminate static charges, and used where particular material (dust) is to be avoided.

PVC glove boxes offer a high chemical resistance to many corrosive chemicals.

Our polymer glove boxes are designed with Stainless Steel bases to provide a robust foundation and work surface, and make an important contribution in the dissipation of static energy.

Polymer glove boxes can be designed to incorporate many of our standard design facilities to provide a controlled and durable workstation for many industry applications.

It must however be borne in mind that polymer glove boxes do not generally match the mechanical properties of stainless steel glove boxes, and are incompatible with many hazardous and corrosive chemicals. Polymer glove boxes have a higher rate of permeability than stainless steel allowing greater amounts of oxygen and moisture to pass through.

If the above points do not cause concern, polymer glove boxes have the benefit of price advantage over stainless steel, and offer an almost unrestricted visual quality combined with a bright interior.

Polycarbonate glove boxes are generally lighter than their stainless steel counterparts, making them easier to transport, and this coupled with their all round visual qualities make them ideal for teaching.

Used selectively, polymer glove boxes can prove to be a good economical short-term investment.


Polymer Glove Boxes


Polymer Glove Boxes


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