Oxygen Meters

Most commercial instruments available are designed, tested and calibrated for general industry use, and as such are often unsuitable for the harsh conditions in glove boxes where metallic and corrosive materials are often found, and accurate measurement of the gas quality is required at the lower end of the scale.

Glove Box Technology Limited design and manufacture a range of oxygen analysers specifically for inert gas glove boxes.


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Portable Oxygen Analyser Model O2-A

The same technology has been enclosed in a compact unit for in-glove box use O2-A, which makes it quick and easy to install, and being portable, can be used in a number of glove boxes. Operating off mains or self-contained battery, this unit is alarm set for 10 ppm and has a digital display measuring the higher range in percentage mode and the lower range in ppm.

Integrated Oxygen Analyser Model O2-B

Our in-built glove box oxygen analyser O2-B displays the oxygen level in graphic bar form on a touch screen in colour, and is auto ranging showing 0 to 10 ppm in green, 10 to 100 ppm in yellow and 100 to 1000 ppm in red. Alarms are user set in the menu of routines.

Historical data of oxygen is graphically presented over time in two menu routines with time defined in 7 hours in graph A, and 7 days in graph B. Additionally data can be downloaded to a computer, and no volt contacts are available for remote alarm initiation.


Oxygen Meters

Model 02-C-2


Free Standing Oxygen Analyser Models O2-C-1 & O2-C-2

A freestanding glove box oxygen analyser model O2-C-1 designed for plumbing into existing glove box or similar equipment/apparatus. Model O2-C-2 will measure two glove boxes, alternating by use of a change over switch. Both units are alarm set for 10 ppm. The freestanding units have a digital display, and measure the higher range in percentage mode and the lower range in ppm. The units are mains power operated.

Common to all oxygen analysers is the works calibration which is carried out at 0 ppm and 5 ppm using certified calibration gas, this being the mid-span of the usual 0 to 10 ppm range between ideal operation conditions and alarm. Accuracy is +/- 1% and repeatability is 0.5%.


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