Optimum™ Glove Boxes

Our Optimum™ design places emphasis on achieving a rugged utility glove box with a maintained inert gas environment ideal for occasional use or general duties.

Slightly smaller in cross section at 75cm x 75cm and lighter in weight than the R&D™ and Academic™ range, the Optimum™ is designed for bench top mounting but is available with an optional support stand.

Modular in design and manufactured in stainless steel, the glove box is available in its standard length of 100cm with options to increase the length by added modules, or increase the module length by increments of 45cm to a maximum of 280cm.

Standard features include bolted window construction, external fluorescent light for interior lighting, and 8" glove ports.

Gas management facilities include options for closed loop recirculated systems (either integrated end wall type or free standing), or open loop gas purge.

Closed loop gas recirculated glove box systems will maintain a better than 1 parts per million oxygen and moisture contained environment. Closed loop recirculated glove boxes require a double door antechamber.

Open loop gas purged systems will maintain better than 5 parts per million oxygen and 50 parts per million moisture (average after two weeks) consuming 10 litres of gas per minute, rising to 20 parts per million oxygen at a gas flow rate of 3 litres per minute. (Assumes use of high purity bottled gas direct into system). Open loop gas purged glove boxes can be supplied with a double door antechamber for maintaining containment, or single door only with loss of contained environment when opened.

Glove box operational control varies, with closed loop recirculated systems presented on a colour touch screen, and open loop system control consists of manual push button operation and gas flow, with glove box pressure displayed on a compound gauge or for higher specification systems we offer a LCD display with push button functionality.

The Optimum™ glove box can be customised to suit individual requirements and a range of applications, for laboratory, process and industrial use.


Optimum™ Glove Boxes


Optimum™ Glove Boxes


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