Moisture Meters

Glove Box Technology Ltd has two moisture analysers specifically specified for inert gas glove box environments.

Integrated Moisture Analyser Model H2O-A
Our in-built glove box moisture analyser H2O-A displays in colour the moisture level in graphic bar form on a touch screen in the range of -80 to + 20° C dew point and the equivalent in ppm.
Historical data of moisture is graphically presented over time in two menu routines with time defined in 7 hours in graph A, and 7 days in graph B. Additionally data can be downloaded to a computer and no volt contacts are available for remote alarm initiation.

Free Standing Moisture Analyser Model H2O-B
A freestanding glove box moisture analyser H2O-B is available for plumbing into existing glove boxes or similar equipment/apparatus. The freestanding unit has a digital display and gas recirculation pump. This unit operates off mains power.

Common to both models of moisture analyser is the traceable certification of calibration to NPL of the Advanced Ceramic Moisture Censor which is highly resilient to a corrosive environment, chemically inert and is highly responsive, accurate ±2° C dew point and stable.

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Moisture Meters
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