Material Science

Materials Science covers a wide variety of applications and requires a broad base of experience in a number of disciplines. Glove boxes for material science are often the most interesting, in that they explore and challenge the glove box designer to new heights.

Glove Box Technology Limited can offer expertise in ...

1. Low-level radiation protected lead lined glove boxes, lead lined transfer facilities, leaded windows, leaded gloves and leaded shields.
2. Laser glove boxes equipped with beam windows and ferromagnetic stainless steel work surface equipped with tapped holes for bolted and magnetic optical system build.
3. Coordinate measuring machine design integration, and glove box manufacture.
4. Powder feed unit design integration, and glove box manufacture.
5. Drum container-handling facilities.
6. Computer controlled coordinate tables X-Y-Z.
7. Vacuum cleaning systems with product recovery catch-pot and HEPA/ULPA filtration.
8. Cyclone filtration of course debris from the glove box process working returning particle free gas via HEPA/ULPA filtration.
9. Separation and disposal systems for unwanted by-products of a process system.
10. High temperature furnace installation into glove box roof, floor or portable.
11. Refrigeration systems for the maintenance of glove box gas temperature for comfortable working conditions where there is an installed heat source.
12. Lifting and transfer systems for handling heavy weights in glove boxes.


Manipulators for handling materials that are radioactive, hot, chemically dangerous, heavy or remote.
14. Remote handling facilities including grabs and lifts.
15. Pick and Place robotic arms, and pneumatic x-y-z positioner's computer controlled. (We have in-house programming facilities)
16. Freezers from ambient to -35ºC and ambient to -85ºC fitted for inside working of glove box.
17. Trash ports and drains for toxic materials, including collection tanks.
18. Explosion vent systems for glove boxes processing pyrophoric materials.
19. Deposition and spin coating equipment integrated into glove boxes for anaerobic and dry working conditions.
20. Reaction vessels and pipe-work for process applications in glove boxes.
21. Camera systems with visual display and video recording.
22. Static elimination and control systems.
23. Thermally insulated glove boxes for the containment of above or below ambient temperatures.
24. Antechamber of various designs, including mobile docking stations.
25. Gas and fluid handling systems to high and ultra high purity (semiconductor) standards, built into glove box with oxygen and moisture free environment.


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