Industrial Automation

Industrial or process automation within a glove box environment where gas is maintained to low oxygen and moisture levels, requires special consideration of a range of design issues. Where that environment is Argon, additional design difficulties may be present due to the higher electrical conductivity and density of this gas.

Automation is normally achieved using electrical and pneumatic power, and most proprietary components available are designed, tested and rated for use in normal atmospheric ambient conditions. Often these proprietary components will not measure up to their rated life performance in the dry environment which strips out the moisture. Argon gas alters dielectric criteria, and has considerable impact on cooling characteristics of electric motors.

Glove Box Technology Limited has considerable experience in the design, manufacture and procurement of in-box equipment, and the design and manufacture of glove box containment with gas management systems. Gas and fluid handling systems to high and ultra high purity (semiconductor) standards are also built into glove boxes with oxygen and moisture free environment.

Integrated designs are more dedicated, more efficient and more cost effective.


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