Freezers to -85°C

Glove Box Technology Ltd design freezers units that operate down to an ultra low temperature of -85° C within an inert gas atmosphere glove box. Freezers are available in Upright (vertical) style and Chest (horizontal) style.

Designed specifically for the ultra low temperature storage of reactive materials, which need to be processed or held in a pure inert atmosphere, these glove box freezers can be dedicated systems or used in conjunction with other process operations. Available from 15 to 135litre capacity, the freezer interiors are manufactured from seam-welded stainless steel. System charged with non-CFC ozone benign refrigerant and insulated with CFC free closed cell foam.

Larger capacity freezers have inner doors/covers to minimise temperature rise during access. Advanced microprocessor digital thermostat with battery back up will display temperature at all times and provide audio visual warning in the event of an abnormality in temperature rise. Seven day temperature recording and volt free alarm contacts available on certain models, also dual refrigeration, LN2 and CO2 back up systems available.

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