Desiccators are storage enclosures that provide continually gas-purged environments at considerably reduced oxygen, moisture and particulate levels for the preservation of sensitive or reactive materials, and may be enhanced to include for the elimination of static for the storage of microelectronic devices.

The storage enclosures are available in a variety of styles and configurations, and manufactured in materials of construction selected for the specified duty requirement.

To elaborate, smaller enclosures are available singularly for bench top positioning, and can be tower stacked or doubled up laterally. When the accumulative size becomes too great for bench top positioning, floor mounted base units are incorporated with wheels and/or adjustable feet, upon which floor to ceiling towers can be specified. Large enclosures are available with single or double doors for either floor standing or bench top positioning and can be specified for double sided access.
Mobile units can be equipped with Quick Acting Couplers for hose connections.

Materials of construction include Stainless steel, Clear acrylic, Amber acrylic (UV shielding) and Transparent PVC (Static dissipative).

Our desiccators are made to a conceptual design, which allows for the enclosure/s to be manufactured to the specific size and duty requirement required. Proposals are made based upon customer provided detail and quotations are supported by a specification of supply.

A range of shelves, racks, draws, dividers, tote boxes etc can be included, selected from a variety of construction materials in finishes to suit circumstances.

Enclosure environmental management systems include gas purge (time controlled), gas purge (RH controlled), RH displayed, RH data logged, and Static elimination.

Designed and manufactured to the same exacting criterion that exists for our inert gas glove boxes, quality of manufacture and performance is assured.

For a budget price go to Request for Quotation and provide as much information as possible. Our design engineers will make contact to jointly compile an outline of requirements.

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