Custom Designed Systems

Glove Box Technology Limited has the design and manufacturing experience to assess any requirement where there is a need to isolate and control a contained environment.

In house capability is enhanced by our close co-operation with specialist organisations that we have formed working relationships with over many years, both in the UK and USA.

Collaborative co-operation allows us to draw on the experience of specialists who focus on their areas of speciality, and relieves customers of the often troublesome difficulty of merging systems designed independently.

Custom designed systems often employ equipment within a glove box, which is tried and tested only in ambient conditions. The glove box contained environment may well be hostile to the equipment under operational conditions and lead to failure or hazardous conditions.

A consortium of specialists taking a project approach will minimise the challenge and offer the opportunity of gaining the most advanced system design.

We undertake custom designed systems on a consultancy or design and manufacture basis.


Custom Designed Systems


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