ClearView Rigid™ Glove Boxes

Our ClearView Rigid™ glove boxes offer almost unrestricted light and uninterrupted vision of the work zone.


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Manufactured from 10 mm polycarbonate or acrylic, their inherent "water clear" transparency, combined with economic ownership, makes this a material of choice for a selective number of glove box applications.

See Polymer Glove Boxes for more detail on materials of construction.

Mounted on a stainless steel base, which doubles as a glove box floor, the polymer enclosure is sealed with a purpose-moulded gasket that additionally provides a radius corner joint for easy maintenance of box cleanliness.

This design of glove box enclosure is available in its smallest form of width 70 cm, depth 40 cm by height 43 cm, provided with two glove ports, up to our largest standard size of 200 cm width, depth of 140 cm by height of 80 cm which is a double sided glove box with 6 work stations from four glove ports each side.

Custom designed glove boxes can be configured into complex enclosures of any size required.

Our popular standard ClearView Rigid ™ glove boxes are ideal for bench top mounting, but are available with a support frame as an optional supply.

Entry to the glove box can be either single door, or double door antechamber, with a variety of apertures from 20 cm x 20 cm for the smallest enclosure up to a standard 40 cm x 40 cm for our larger glove boxes. Tubular antechambers are also available. Antechambers are available in gas purge only design or reinforced for vacuum application.

We can supply ClearView Rigid ™ glove boxes for a wide range of possible applications to customer requirements and specification, in either gas purged (open loop) or gas circulated (closed loop) format. [Air systems are also available.]

ClearView Rigid™ Glove Boxes


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