ClearView Flexible™ Glove Boxes

Our ClearView Flexible™ glove boxes offer almost unrestricted light and vision to the work zone. Manufactured from sheet PVC, heat bonded at the seams, the ClearView Flexible™ glove box offers not only an economical investment but a highly versatile design capability as well.

PVC sheet is available in differing thicknesses, finish, colour and strength, which can be selectively heat bonded, to provide for the most appropriate duty requirement such as optically clear for visual areas, nylon reinforces for high work areas, and coloured for the filtration of unwanted light sources. PVC sheet can also be specified flame retardant.

By combining the possibilities of PVC fabrication with the possibilities provided by welded tube fabrication to form a frame, the scope of design is almost limitless. Able to operate under positive or negative pressure, the frame supported PVC enclosure is attached to a stainless steel base work surface.

Bonded sleeves can be positioned anywhere in the PVC flexible glove box for manual manipulation of process equipment or tools within the enclosure. Likewise antechambers can be attached, manufactured either conventionally in stainless steel or PVC, for the transfer of equipment and materials.

This design of glove box enclosure is available in its smallest form of width 100 cm, depth 75 cm by height 75 cm, provided with two glove ports, with upper design dimensions unlimited custom designed glove boxes can be configured into complex enclosures of any size required.

Our popular standard ClearView Flexible™ Glove Boxes are ideal for bench top mounting, but are available with a support frame as an optional supply. Lower entry through the base plate is popular for bulky items such as drum containers, large fabrications for welding, machinery that may require periodic attention for maintenance and cleaning.

We can supply ClearView Flexible™ glove boxes for a wide range of possible applications to customer requirements and specification, in either gas purged (open loop) or gas circulated (closed loop) format. [Air systems are also available.]

Typical applications include drum handling of reactive and toxic materials and powders, food and beverage packaging lines, anaerobic and/or dry sterile dressings packaging. In fact any product or material that degrades in the presence of oxygen and/or moisture when unpacked or opened, and any product or material that will be better preserved when packed in an oxygen and/or moisture reduced environment.

The additional benefits of a physical barrier between the process environment and the operator environment provides protection in both directions.


ClearView Flexible™ Glove Boxes


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