Reactive materials that need to be weighed can often present a wide range of problems. These problems can mostly be anticipated and resolved when compiling the specification for a glove box enclosure.

Accurate weighing requires particular design attention where small quantities of reactive powder need to be balanced. The application of a marble slab with anti-vibration seals to the glove box, and floor, allows for four to five figure weighing accuracy

During accurate weighing, static electricity can have a detrimental effect on the operation with disruptive forces due to the interaction of electrical charges between the material being weighed and the bulk of the balance equipment and glove box shell. Our understanding of the problems and experience of resolving static related difficulties will circumvent this difficulty.

For large items, handling may form the greatest challenge and for this we have a range of ready made solutions. Drum handling through double door load lock, mechanised lifting and tipping, and overhead travelling gantry, are a few of our system designs.

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