Video Microscope System

Specifically designed for the microscopic examination of reactive materials, the glove box features an integrated "Head-up" colour monitor, and optical system complete with fibre optic light source. Dedicated feedthroughs allow for images to be downloaded to a computer, VCR or Web site.

Optical systems available for Medical, Scientific, Industrial, Semiconductor and Micro-welding applications, to name a few.

Optical system and fibre optic light source can be removed from the glove box through the antechamber making the glove box available for general use.

The Video Microscope System can be integrated into the following glove box designs.

>> R&D™ Glove Boxes
>> Academic™ Glove Boxes
>> Optimum™ Glove Box
>> ClearView Rigid™ Glove Boxes
>> ClearView Flexible™ Glove Boxes
>> PureWeld™ Argon Systems

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