Quick Release Windows

Quick Release windows are available for glove boxes that require frequent large aperture entry. Normally only used in gas purged (open loop) systems, the quick release window will, upon removal, breach the glove box integrity and require gas purging of air prior to using.

Typical applications for the use of a quick release window are glove boxes used in welding large components, or the frequent need to access equipment inside the glove box for removal or maintenance. Quick release windows are also used in large antechambers.

Standard Quick Release windows are 10 mm thick polycarbonate clamped to our proprietary window seal using leaver latches spaced to optimise compression with as few latches as possible. Quick Release windows are provided with substantial handles to assist in handling windows on and off the glove box, using one or more persons, dependant upon window size.

(Normally only provided as part specification of a glove box system supply.)

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