Chemistry has the distinction of imposing the harshest conditions of all glove box applications. Many hazardous and corrosive chemicals will attack the structure and working parts of a glove box system. Chemicals can permeate seals, gloves and other materials and cause chemical changes to take place in the glove box gas purifier.

But where there is a potential of failure, particular attention can be given to the problem and steps taken to eliminate it, neutralise it, or minimise it.

Glove Box Technology Ltd has a wide portfolio of designs and materials to call upon in selecting the most cost effective approach to meet health & safety, process requirements and glove box equipment. One such feature is our rear shelf, which is height adjustable and telescopic. The telescopic feature helps in reach for the shorter arm person and is more accessible to the standard glove box user.

Glove box scaffolding can be fitted as an optional original equipment supply if required, and feedthrough's for gases, vacuum and liquids can be specified and custom installed. Stainless steel trays lined with silicone make for clean and safer working, and are sized to fit the antechamber making transfer of fragile and small items easy.

Glove boxes for chemistry can provide many years of satisfactory service where the anticipated use is catered for by design application.

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