Buyers and sellers of glove boxes can avail themselves of our broker service, in which we offer a range of valuable business support to both parties. The service is provided to fill the gap between buyer and seller on new or used glove boxes and accessories.

For Buyers.

You may be a buyer and have found an overseas competitors glove box at a specification and price that matches your requirement, but don't like the sellers terms of supply. Terms of required payment might be too risky for you, installation may not be included or expensive or not to your liking, the warranty might worry you and after sales service may cause you some concern.

We do have "arms length" contact with our overseas competitors and are willing to broker reputable manufacturers products. By placing the order on Glove Box Technology Ltd (subject to agreement) we are able confirm the specification of supply, to purchase the glove box on your behalf, attend to the importation, pay the import duty and VAT, collect the glove box at point of import, deliver the glove box to your advised address, carry out the installation and commissioning, carry the warrant and provide full after sales support. Other benefits include the possible trade-in of a redundant glove box.

We have undertaken a number of contracts under our Broker service without conflict of interest, as we consider that once we have made OUR best bid for your business, the competition must have an offer which is technically or commercially more acceptable. We do not apologise for this as we recognise there is design and cost variation across the available supply, and we as glove box designers and manufacturers cannot, and do not, cater for all design requirements and price ranges.

This mode of business is also of benefit to the supplier, who is assisted in confirming the supply specification by an experienced glove box designer in close contact with the customer, is paid in full prior to dispatch of the goods, and is relieved of the post delivery commitments. As a result of this, we are in a position to negotiate a trade discount for taking on the allocated responsibility.

Commercially, the completed supply can be carried out at an inclusive cost no more than would have been the case had you carried it out directly with more risk and insecurity. Interested, then contact us for a discussion on the merits of the scheme.

PS. Our broker service also includes glove box accessories.

For Sellers.

You may want to dispose of a redundant glove box and raise some cash. We can offer a range of services to help you. Send us a photo and description of the glove box, and your full contact details and we will get back to you. (Regrettably, this service is limited to the UK only.)

Contact us on detailing the service requirements and provide your personal contact details.

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