Our glove boxes are to be found in Defence Establishments, Nuclear Power Stations, Petrochemical Facilities, Lamp Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Display Panel Manufacture (TFD), Aircraft Engine Manufacture, Aerospace Facilities, Food Production and numerous research and academic institutions.

Common to all applications is the need to create and maintain a contained environment atmosphere.

Whilst a glove box will provide containment, the application of facilities to control and maintain the environment, and manipulate and process materials, will determine the efficiency and cost of operation.

With our exposure to a wide range of applications, we use our expertise to reduce complex problems into engineered solutions. Our capabilities and products are continually driven by the need to implement new technology, for new challenges.

The acquisition of a glove box will have an important and fundamental contribution in any use or application, and we see the challenge of achieving your specified objectives as our obligation.

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>> Chemistry
>> Material Science
>> Thin Fim Deposition
>> Battery Research & Manufacture
>> Lamp Manufacture
>> Welding Reactive Metals
>> Powder Handling
>> Weighing
>> Food & Beverages
>> Pharmaceutical Packaging
>> Laser Systems
>> Machining Reactive Materials

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